Admission to various classes starts in the month of January, every year.

Application can be obtained either from the office or downloaded from website www.stjohnsschoolkerala.comOnline application facility is also available in the school website.

Entrance examination :- For classes from 2 to 10, there will be an entrance examination. There are two dates for entrance. 1st Saturday of March and 1st Saturday of May of every academic year.

Selection :- Selection of students to each class will be based on their marks in the  previous class and the score in the  entrance examination. Interviews will be conducted for shortlisted candidates. If the child comes from another state, Transfer Certificate has to be countersigned by the Education Officer of that place. For students seeking admissions from abroad, Transfer Certificate has to be countersigned by the Embassy of the country from where the pupil is seeking admission. Parents and guardians shall make sure of the correctness of  name and date of birth of children , before they are recorded in the school register. The name and date of birth once entered cannot be altered without the written permission of the competent authority. Admission Forms should be filled in with utmost care. Satisfactory Testimonials of good conduct are  required for students  who come from otherinstitutions. One may consider admitted only after the payment of fees and submission of all documents needed.


Application for Transfer or Conduct Certificate shall be submitted in writing. They will however, be issued only a day after the receipt of the application. Transfer or conduct certificate will not be issued during vacation.

Training &Counselling

Counselling facilities are given to our students by eminent Counsellors. Training to address various adolescent issues as well as training in Public Speaking, Attitude , Emotional Quotient, Social Skills are conducted for teachers and students .


Sample materials and pattern for uniform will be providedfrom office. Parents can purchase the same material from any suitable shop but design and pattern should be strictly followed.

Fee Structures

All fees should be paid at the office in the morning only from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm and an official receipt will be given in receipt of money. Fees can also be paid online by using NEFT/ by the link given in the school website Account payee chequesin favour of St. John's School, Thumpamonare also accepted. The Tuition Fees cover twelve calendar months and must be paid in bimonthly installments from students of KG to Class X, and Quarterly installments from Class XI to XII. If, fees are not paid by the due date, the student may be debarred from sitting in the class and if dues exceed two quarter fees, their name may be struck off from the register and to continue, the readmission fee shall be charged

Rules & Regulations

  • All students must remain present on the reopening day of the school after the summer, Onam and Christmas Vacations.
  • All pupils must wear the prescribed uniform and footwear, failing which pupil will be sent back home unless there is a genuine excuse note from parent/ guardian concerned.
  • The pupils must be in their class before the first bell. Their punctuality, regularity of attendance shall be considered at the time of giving marks for internal years work.
  • The pupils should not leave their class-room without the prior permission of the teacher. They should maintain silence and discipline in between two consecutive periods.
  • No pupil will absent himself from the school without parent's request in writing and the Principal's knowledge and sanction.
  • For genuine absence of any period a written note must be sent to the school along with the student at the time of resuming the school. In any case absence of more than three days without permission / intimation may lead to striking the name off the rolls.
  • A student is supposed to present a medical certificate if he is absent on account of any type of illness. A fitness certificate must also be produced at the time of resuming after the sickness along with a covering note.
  • Bunking / Cutting classes or leaving the school premises during the school hours is a serious offence.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual laziness, persistent disobedience, flouting or flagrant violation of the school rules and conduct in or out of the school, which is injurious to the moral tone of the school is in itself sufficient reason for expulsion from school.
  • All students must maintain their homework, class work books and update them (regularly) and bring them regularly to the school.
  • All pupils must bring the school hand book (Diary) on all working days and use it in ways it is meant to be used.
  • No other books except the approved or sanctioned text books will be brought to the school. They should not bring any other material like guides, coaching class books, magazines, periodicals to the school. Any objectionable literature, comics, mobiles or CDs should not be brought to School with out the knowledge of the Principal
  • Every pupil is responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the class, corridors and the school premises. They are also expected to take care of the furniture and fixture of the school and any damage to the property of the school will be made good at the cost of the student doing the same. Such damage to the school property may lead from minor to major punishment to the extent of rustication from the school.
  • Speaking in English is very compulsory for the students. If they fail to do so fine will be imposed on them.
  • No circular will be issued, notices circulated, gifts given or taken, booklets, pamphlets, keys or guides distributed or sold without the explicit permission of the Principal.
  • Attending the assembly is a must. A pupil reporting after the assembly will be treated as a late-comer and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • A pupil trying to use any unfair means during the examination will be given zero in that exam and will not be allowed to appear in the rest of that test or examination.

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