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St. Johns Group of Schools has a sparkling history of 52 years with its first School at Faridabad which got established on 17th August, 1965. As its founder Mr. T I John has envisaged, all the six institutions are committed to mould future generations who would be the ambassadors of peace and prosperity. The torch of enlightenment through education, handed over by the founder has been promptly taken to higher zeniths by the present Director Mr. Joseph John. This renowned education of group ensures excellence in terms of academic quality, efficient faculty, technological advancements and professional approach. Several Social welfare programmes have been channeled through these institutions with the involvement of staff, students and parent community. St. John's School at Thumpamon has completed 31 years of glorious performance in education sector and flourishes as the largest CBSE School in Central Travancore.


Excellent Education to mould excellent citizens.


To provide excellent learning atmosphere where the potential and talents of each child are developed to their maximum which will enable them to attain self-actualization and thereby lead the development of society as responsible citizens.


  • Accept the uniqueness of each child.
  • Enable the faculty to identify the potential of each child.
  • Support the parents to understand the learning styles of their children.
  • Modify the behavioral patterns of students, if they are found not suitable for our society.
  • Understand people in a global and broader perspective.
  • Respect freedom, preferences and choices of other individuals.
  • Respect all religions and cultures and thereby all human beings.
  • Human mind and body are precious. Therefore they must be protected and developed to its full potential.
  • Develop ethics and values in the mind of children
  • Help children to maintain healthy relationship in society .
  • Help children to realize the impact of modern technologies and social media and use them wisely.
  • Prepare children to face the challenges and uncertainties in life.

Annual Report-2019 of St. John's School, Thumpamon

Every moment in our lives is special and precious (Paulo Coelho).

This moment of presenting the Annual Report 2019 , of the St. John's School which started in 1987, is very precious for me because I am assigned to hold the Torch of Knowledge that enlightened this community for the last 32 years. The founder of this School, Late Mr. T. I John had a great vision of moulding future generations with an attitude to serve the society. Over the years this School has accomplished his vision by becoming the best school in Pathanamthitta District in quality of education, achievements and strength of students.


The school re-opened on 04th June ,2018 after summer vacation. The sports coaching conducted during the vacation was appreciated much by the participants. Felicitation day was organized to congratulate the students who got excellent marks in Board Examinations. Sreelakshmi of Class 12 , scored highest among Science stream and Sheba Sam Benjamin scored maximum in Commerce Stream. Anupriya who has won full marks in Biology was also recognized with mementos . Class 10 got 99.93% result and we are proud of these students. Congrats to all the winners , their parents and teachers who prepared them for this victory.

CBSE's National Merit Certificate

7 students from St. John's School were specially recognized by the CBSE, New Delhi for being in the first 0.1% top scorers from all over India. This is a glittering moment in the history of St. John's. Anupriya, Neha James, Akhila S, Aliya S, Andrea Anna Mohan, Anupama M Anil, Renjana M Nair, deserves great appreciation from St. John's family and Thumpamon Society, because they made our village Thumpamon noted in the records of achievements. Teachers Training The well experienced teaching faculty with commitment, is the asset of our school that distinguishes us from other schools. Regular training are arranged to sharpen their skills using both in-house and external resource person. Out of the 14 trainings conducted this year, the capacity building workshop by the CBSE resource person Dr. Joji Paul from Calicut was the most appreciated one.

PTA Meetings & Parenting sessions

Parents are the best and first teachers. So we make sure that they are provided with the professional training in Smart parenting . All the PTA Meetings were memorable events with lots of creative suggestions and mutual interaction with teachers. We would like to appreciate all those who attended various parenting sessions.

Parents' Day Celebration

conducted on 06th October, 2018 was yet another moment of great enthusiasm and tribute to Parents. Our students wondered at the skills, talents and energy exhibited by their parents on stage. After a series of competitions , Mr. Premjith Prabha and Mrs. Soumya P, the Parents of Riya Premjith of UKG D, were awarded the best parent title.

Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony was conducted on 06th September,2018 in a vibrant and colourful manner. Dy.SP. Mr. Jose R was the chief guest who inspired the students to follow the systematic ways of becoming good leaders. Physical Education Teachers trained the selected members of school council to follow the official rhythms of the ceremony. Master Adems Jimmy George was installed as the School Head Boy and Aryananda R as Head Girl. Rohan S and Navami Ajay were the School Captains.

St. John's Radio

Children need positive avenues to make their thoughts and voices expressed. St. John's radio started functioning under the initiative of Students Council lead by Master Adams Jimmy John. All the four houses compete positively to make their voice heard in the most creative ways. Congrats to all the radio jockeys who conducted the programs this year.

Short Film "ARIKE"

The pioneer attempt of St. John's School to make a short film brought laurels of appreciation from society and short film world. It was directed by our English Faculty Mr. N. B Thankachan. The Class XI Humanities Students were the crew behind the show. Our own students, teachers and the non-teaching staff played the main roles. The film was recognized by the famous Director Jayaraj Sir in the International Nature Film Festival held at Munnar from 25th to 27th January 2019. The student actors Manjima, Anupama, Dan and Kenes aswell as the Film Director were given recognitions on stage during the film festival.

The school express sincere gratitude to the Teachers and Students who took initiative in this venture The whole hearted support of the Parents and commitment of Mr. N B Thankachan in completing the project on time deserves special appreciation. Sincere gratitude is offered to the School Management who extended full financial support for the event.

Youth Festival & Kids fest

The attitude to rejoice even after major set backs in life is the true spirit of humans race, especially the Keralites. The same was reflected in the Youth Festival and Kids Fest of this year, which were conducted one month after the flood. More than 900 participants competed in 38 different items on 15 different stages and Ashoka house emerged as the Champions with 626 points. Since CBSE didn't conduct higher level youth festivals as a symbol of compassion for flood victims, students must wait for next year's competitions at Sahodaya and State levels.

Sports Events

The year witnessed active participation of students at both School level, State level and National level Sports meets of CBSE. Tagore house emerged as the Champions with 382 points at School level. A team of 22 members participated in the Athletics Championship held at Pala and had dazzling performances. Edwin G Sunil of Class VIII D represented Kerala region in Shot put at National Level. Jerin Johnson of Class X E, Jancy Mariam Shaji of Class X E and Swetha Biju of Class XI E are the School's individual Sports Champions of the year.

Community Welfare Programmes

The teachers and students of our school together contributed Rs.4,80,000/- for Social Welfare programs. The major activities include contribution to Chief Minister's flood relief fund, providing uniforms and study materials for 115 flood affected students, support to five families to renovate their houses which got damaged in flood and Financial help for cancer patients. `An amount of Rs. 2,17,000 lakhs was given for educational support and women empowerment. Our students visited orphanages and destitute homes in the nearby places with food items and gifts. They spent time with them and shared happiness through their talk and cultural programs.


We teach our children to practice agriculture as a life style. Our students have maintained vegetable gardens in school premises under the supervision of Agriculture officers from Government. They learn the lessons of patience, perseverance and teamwork during these programs

Literary Club

The most dynamic group of creative children collect together regularly and conduct debates, group discussions, presentations on contemporary issues such as cancer, Drama Club and Movie Club. St. John's Literary club is becoming a grooming centre for future leaders and master minds who would transform society with their innovative ideas.

Co-curricular programs

The School provides provisions for martial arts training such as Karte and Roller skating. Yoga is compulsorily trained for Teenagers. Moreover, Dance, Key Board, Violin etc. are also taught within the school premises.

Achievements in various competitions

Our students participated and won prizes in the following events.

1. Painting Competition by ISRO.

2. Space Quiz Competition by ISRO at Kottayam.

3. Balarama Painting competitions.

4. YMCA Competition in Elocution and Painting

5. Maths Wizard Quiz by Catholicate College.

6. Big Q Challenge.

Congratulations to all the winners and their parents.


Everything has a reason and nothing happens without a reason. There is a reason for the presence of these charismatic leaders with us for this year's Annual Day. The School has invited icons of hardwork, integrity and social commitment such as our Chief guest P.B.Nooh, IAS and Chittayam Gopakumar , MLA , so that our students will make them role models in life and thereby build a better society. This young Collector of Pathanamthitta has proved that Government systems could be made more efficient and red-tapism could be rooted out if leaders could control such evils with courage and determination.

All the staff of St.Johns School are remembered with gratitude for their commitment and services. Management is also remembered with heartfelt gratitude for their guidance and visionary leadership.

Education is not a degree or certificate that can be shown to others as proof. It is our attitude, actions , language and behavior with others in real life. St. John's school, in its pursuit to provide Excellent Education to mould Excellent Citizens, will always remain and help its students to develop a sense of self, fulfill their destiny, identify their unique mission , sense of purpose and give meaning to their precious life.

Thank You.

Dr.Susan George


15th February,2019

Quotations for various Photo-Colour pages.

John Sir.

"Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities. This distinguishes the strong soul from the weak. The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering."

Aleyamma John

"People will forget what you said,

People will forget what you did, but

People will never forget how you made them feel.

The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action."

Sonia Joseph

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom It is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

Susan M Panicker

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. The goal of true education is developing Intelligence plus character "

Annual Report-2018 of St. John's School, Thumpamon